Logitech Casa Pop-up Desk

Client: Logitech
Project: Casa Pop-up Desk
Year: 2023

Industrial Design
Detail design
Design for Manufacture

We collaborated with Logitech Design to develop Casa Pop-up Desk – a foldaway kit with laptop stand, keyboard, touchpad and storage designed to help get comfy, focused work done anywhere in the home.

As the pandemic accelerated the growth in remote working, Logitech found that many people continued to struggle with challenges around comfort, flexibility and boundaries between work and life in their homes. This is particularly true for women who often don’t want a dedicated work space in their home and often have the most to gain from hybrid work. Casa addresses these needs.

Our role was to work with the in-house design team, to bring to life the product they had defined with detailed design and DfM (Design for Manufacture). This was a highly collaborative process with an emphasis on quick industrial design exploration and problem solving with Logitech Design and the broader team of Engineers and Product specialists.

From concept to commercial product

Through their own deep consumer research and testing, Logitech had defined a product archetype to address a highly specific audience and their needs. We brought our industrial design experience and expertise to compliment theirs to help turn that deep insight into a manufacturable and marketable product.

In-house but not in-house

We were embedded in the Logitech Design team. Working closely with designers specialising in industrial design, user experience and CMF, as well as engineers, sustainability experts and product managers. We collectively owned problems to be solved and collaborated quickly and remotely to share and develop ideas and explorations.

Test fast and iterate

We started with quick card models and 3D prints to develop further the concept into an easy to use and intuitive solution. Collaborating closely with Logitech sustainability experts and engineers we developed the design to balance the demands of user experience, look and feel, environmental impact and manufacturing requirements.


The result is a compact kit with all the essentials that lets the user decide where work happens in the home. The laptop stand, keyboard and touchpad provide the essentials for a more comfortable and ergonomic workspace. When closed, the fabric case, available in three colours tuned to the home, and at the end of the day, lets them fold it out of sight, out of mind.

Product photography credit Logitech 2023
Sketch and model photography credit Approach Studio 2023


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