Micro Mount

Client: Loop
Project: Micro Mount
Year: 2023

Industrial Design
User Experience
Creative Direction
Design for manufacture

Following the success of Loop Mount, we designed another compact phone mount for bike that integrate into the stem. Designed for thread-less stems the mount doesn’t require a special phone case and is compatible with all major phones.

Micro Mount is even more minimal than Loop Mount and goes a step further in integrating fully into the bike.


Like a bike component

As with the design philosophy behind Loop Mount, Micro Mount looks and feel like it belongs on a bike. It’s made from metal for both robustness and minimal sizing but also to feel premium and durable like a bike component.

Prototyping for compactness

A lot of iterations were required to achieve the compact format whilst maximising opening dimensions for all sizes of phones.

Designed for all use cases

We also created accessories to make the mounts work for all set-up and scenarios. These makes the mounts removable, quarter turn compatible and able to be mounted on older stems or handlebars.


2022 / DFM and manufacture


2022 / Design & Technology Futures


2021 / End-to-End Product Development