Client: Acts Not Facts
Project: Poem/1
Year: 2024

Detail Design
Mass Production

We collaborated with Matt Webb founder of Acts Not facts on design of his AI powered clock for mass production. Poem/1 is a playful clock that writes up the time in a unique tiny poem every minute. It is using Chat GPT to generate the rhyming poems which are displayed on an e-paper screen.

It has been prompted to be profound and so are the poems…sometimes. But they can also be weird, silly, lyrical…with the occasional glitch or AI ‘hallucination’.

Poem/1 has raised over £90k on Kickstarter

AI powered rhyming poems

“Tick-tock the clock strikes four fifty-four, / Time to sit and relax. Don’t work anymore”

“Colours mingle, brush takes flight. / Three fifty-seven, a palette of light”

“It is almost noon, don’t be a loon! / Can’t you see the sun shinning high as a balloon.”

“As the clock strikes thirty-four, / Embrace this moment, treasure it more.”